About Us

Core Services

The main focus of GLJ Consulting is providing innovative input and project management support to Bidders and Client Teams on major PPP, PFI and outsourcing procurements.

Client Team support ranges from undertaking initial feasibility studies and generation of market interest, supporting / project managing the whole of the procurement process to contract award through to contract implementation/transition and delivery.

Bidder support correspondingly ranges from identifying opportunities and developing a bid strategy, supporting / project managing the full bid process through to contract implementation/transition and delivery.

In addition GLJ Consulting has significant experience and knowledge on financing, treasury, hotel and conferencing facilities, joint ventures and realising exit strategies through trade sales or licences.

Innovative Thinking

Delivering affordable, high quality projects together with a fair return to the contractor, requires innovation, understanding and above all else strong communication and partnering skills.

GLJ Consulting has led teams on both the Client and Bid side enabling them to fully understand and appreciate the requirements of both parties.  This, combined with developing a strong ‘partnering’ approach throughout a procurement helps manage risk and give the best opportunity of realising value for our clients in a win : win scenario.

Client Focus

GLJ Consulting is committed to proving a high quality, innovative and bespoke service to its clients that maximises the realisation of value for those clients.

We believe that service levels and quality of advice suffer when experienced resources are not dedicated to a project from start to finish. As an independent consultancy firm GLJ utilises its senior professionals in a hands-on manner, with staff committed to the full project life-cycle.  This life-cycle includes project implementation and check point support even after the project has been completed.  This means that clear and high quality advice is provided at all times and that we are committed to ensuring successful delivery, not just a successful procurement outcome.

We are confident in our ability to help clients successfully deliver projects and this is reflected in the remuneration arrangements we offer.  Where appropriate, GLJ will gear elements of its remuneration towards project and client success to demonstrate our commitment to the projects we undertake.  For some assignments this alignment can be further strengthened by directly linking remuneration to client benefit and may include replacing some remuneration with shareholding.

By adopting a ‘partnering’ approach with our clients, fully understanding their objectives and where appropriate the objectives of their counter party as well and providing experienced dedicated resource, we aim to develop and sustain long tern relationships with our clients.  By adopting this approach we believe further value and opportunities can be created.