Bid Support

GLJ Consulting offer support and/or project management to Bid Teams on major PPP/PFI procurements.  GLJ will work jointly with the bid team on the full range of activities covering:

  • Evaluating opportunities
  • Assessing the market
  • Helping form a cohesive consortium, through innovative team building and where required identifying and introducing new members to the consortium
  • Developing the relationship with the Client Team throughout the procurement process and promoting a ‘partnering’ culture
  • Introducing and developing innovation
  • Providing innovative financial support to help maximise value for money and optimise the bid
  • Helping develop tender responses
  • Providing ‘Red Team’ reviews of draft bids to help position them better to Client teams and also against competitors, maximising unique selling points and addressing any potential weaknesses.
  • Working with the team on presentations and all face to face meetings with the client
  • Supporting preferred bidder negotiations through to financial close
  • Supporting transition and implementation phases
  • Providing follow up support after contract amendment to help ensure quality service delivery and partnering approach with Client is working for both sides.


25% of GLJ’s support has been with Bid Teams, 75% with the Client Team.  This means that while we have an excellent understanding of supporting bids, we have an even better understanding of Client requirements and competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.  This knowledge has proved critical on a number of tenders where we have supported the Bid Team.  Our success rate on bid support is better than 1 in 2.

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